The Sustainable Jungle Podcast


October 31, 2019

 Georgina Wilson-Powell has been a magazine editor for 16 years, she has a slight obsession with setting up magazines and brands and flying by the seat of her spotted (now organic bamboo) pants. Her previous roles include Associate Publisher in Dubai responsible for BBC Good Food and Lonely Planet Traveller magazines; an exclusive blogger for BBC Travel and managing many Time Out travel guides. She set up her first magazine aged 21 focusing on music and street art magazine back when street art was called graffiti.

Georgina is also the founder of pebble magazine, pebble magazine is a fast growing destination for a stylish, sustainable life with a passionate audience. They are all about supporting businesses that have developed fairer ways of trading and making choices that lighten the load of your life on the planet. In their words: “What we’d really like is just to say we’re a magazine about living a good life full of adventures and for all this talk of eco this and ethical that not be needed any more, because it’s just the way we all do things.”

Listening back to this episode we spend a lot of time laughing which reflects how much fun this conversation was. We chat about how Pebble Mag came to be, how consumerism is changing and the role of media in driving change… oh and we talk about innovation in fashion… with hemp and stinging nettles making notable mentions



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