The Sustainable Jungle Podcast


May 24, 2018

“Jenny Golding is a writer, musician, mom, and educator. She loves long rambles in the woods, writing songs, singing harmony, cross-country skiing, and adventuring in the wilderness with George and little George. After 20 years working for nonprofits in conservation and education, she now writes about Yellowstone and natural history topics from her home in Gardiner, Montana, and has published over 40 e-news and print articles for local nonprofits and other digital and print publications.”

“George Bumann can draw, sculpt, and teach about all aspects of Yellowstone. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in wildlife ecology and has spent thousands of hours studying the animals of Yellowstone and interpreting them through art, lectures and courses. It is this intimate, daily knowledge of wildlife, natural history, and animal communication which infuses truth and meaning into his artwork. His art and writing have appeared in popular and scientific publications, and his sculptures can be found in public and private collections throughout the United States and around the globe.”

We spent the most magical day roaming Yellowstone National Park while interviewing Jenny and George for our Podcast. We had almost 3 hours of audio! It was tough editing down to just 1 hour of the best gems from the day which include lessons on noticing the small things and truly listening to better understand the world around you, making deliberate choices about the life you want to live and how nature and wild places give you perspective! 


Show notes for this episode can be found here